, if you are new to making money on-line, this is the place for you to start. On this page we will introduce you to the concept of on-line (and off-line) marketing. If you are willing to persevere and put in a few hours work, we can promise you that your eyes will be opened to the easiest money you will ever make in your life.

When we say easy, we don't just mean as it relates to EasyCash4Ads, but all on-line opportunities in general. Bold statement? Not at all. The key here is consistency and sticking to one thing at a time. As a newbie you are actually in a much better position than seasoned marketers as you are not dependent on the income you make on-line, but once you get the hang of it, you will soon realize it is not only possible to trade in your day job for a work-from-home-job, but totally achievable.

The things you we share here, while aimed at helping you get sign-ups in EasyCash4Ads, is applicable to all on-line marketing. The thing is though, in todays world of smart phones and websites designed to be compatible with all devices (such as ours) it really is a mix between on-line as well as off-line marketing.

Anyway, before we set you off with a running start, here is what you need to do first:

We know you joined because you saw the tremendous potential to make extra money when you watched the sales video. We now want you to watch that same video again, at least 5 times. Why?

Any sales person worth his / her salt will tell you the very first rule of selling is that you are selling yourself and not a product. People buy from people they like and trust and people will trust you more easily when your excitement about the product you are selling shows sincerely. However, if you don't really know your product that well, it becomes really hard to be uber excited about it and if you are not excited about the product, how can you expect a prospective buyer to be?

For this reason you need to know your product inside out and with our sales video it is easy to get that knowledge. It will make it just sooo much easier to answer questions and overcome a prospective buyer's objections. 

This brings us to the second rule of selling... Never ever lie when you don't know the answer because you are desperate to close the sale. It will only come back to bite you later and truth be told, your trust meter will sky-rocket when rather than lying, you say something like: "You know what, I am not a 100% sure. Let's quickly ask support and see what they say".  Even though you may not get a speedy answer from support, just this action alone would get you the sale 8 out ten times long before support has replied.

Okay, once you are sure you are confident that you can answer any question somebody might throw at you, before you explore the rest of this page, we want you to follow the easiest, quickest and, best of all, free method to get 3 sign-ups by clicking on Scott, or simply click here.

Case Study:
Admin's deadly effective classified ad campaign

The yellow ad you see here is the actual ad we placed in a local newspaper. We ran this ad on 7 consecutive days exactly as you see it here. No contact information, ... just the ad with a website address.  During the seven days it ran we received 47 new sign-ups and by the time (3 days later) we wrote this case study we already had 62 sign-ups from a single campaign.

While we had to pay to place the ad, we already made a return on investment of more than 430% on our direct sales alone. Because of the success of this campaign we now have 4 permanent ads running in 4 publications. In fact, the effectiveness of our classified ad caused us to also use the same technique with our flyers. (see further down if you are not included to spend money on a classified ad)

Why it works and steps to re-create it for your own gain.

When you consider the first sentence in the ad, what do you think goes through the reader's mind? Of course the first thing people will think when reading it is that only an idiot will continue paying for an ad that does not get results. This first sentence / question serves to peek the reader's interest.

In the second sentence the reader forms a perception that they too can do this and all it will require from them is to place an ad like this as well . . . and, . .  when you think about it, it really is all they have to do. Then, just to really get them fired up, when they see the website link with the words easy cash 4 ads they now really believe all they need to do is place ads. 

Having then made up their mind to visit the site as a visit costs nothing you know how the rest of the story plays out, because you know exactly how effective the sales video is at converting visitors into buyers and presto! New sign-up.

Things to keep in mind if you want to duplicate our success:

Before placing a classified ad in any newspaper / magazine or other publication ask them what their circulation is. Compare circulation and prices with other publications to find the best value for money. Inquire about their reader demographic. Chances are you are not going to get a great result when you place an ad in a needle work magazine whose readership mainly consists of old ladies.

Be sure to make use of a link tracking service in order to determine which publications send you the most visitors. If joined GDI under the bonus section we recommend you create an auto re-direct page on your GDI website that directs to your tracking link. That way can put a link like:


in your classified ad.


Using the same concept as with the classified ads above, this section offers a free advertising alternative that is just as effective. The flyer below already contains your affiliate link. All you have to do is put them up at as many public notice boards you can find and see your sales rolling in. Simply click one of the formats below to down a ready-to-print flyer with your affiliate details.

Testimonial one of our members submitted to our help-desk

, when you consider you only need 3 sales to continue making money forever, what possible reason could you have for not putting up these flyers at as many notice boards you can find? You will never have to talk to anyone as our sales video will do the talking for you and this method alone could secure your financial future.

If you have any negative thoughts, get rid of them now and never allow your pride or laziness to be your downfall.

Click to download format as:

How to use these flyers

Once you have  printed out a couple of sheets, cut strips like you see in the example image, taking care to also make a small horizontal cut. This will ensure that the strip comes off easily without tearing into the rest of the sheet. If you do not have a printer, download the edited template to a thumb-drive on your local PC and have it printed at a local stationary shop.

After you have cut the strips as described above, tear off 2 or three strips to make it look as if some people already tore off strips. When you put it up with some strips already torn off, it will provide the social proof that indeed people are interested in what you have to offer.

The beauty of flyers like these are that they require very little work and they deliver a huge pay-off.  Even if you put up flyers at places that are not that busy, it still means you only had to do a very small amount of work that can still bring in sales weeks after you put it up.  Flyers like these can bring in dozens, if not hundreds of new sales, and remember, every new easycash4ads leg you start will bring in unlimited income

Doing a weekly flyer run could potentially become your sole source of income.

Where to put up these flyers

  • Public notice boards at busy shopping centers.
  • Public notice boards at colleges and universities.
  • Community centers.
  • Your local church.
  • Places people usually have to wait in a queue.
  • Public notice boards at child day care centers.

When you think about it, there are literally an unlimited amount of spots you can put these up and this method alone is enough to bring in multiple referrals, let alone 3.

Social Media

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