Support (Current Time: 12:00:16 AM)

Our official help-desk hours are: 07:30 am to 5pm. However, that does not mean you will not get support after 5pm as we are also connected to our help-desk via a smart-phone application. If we are available, you will still receive support, no matter what the hour is. We answer more than 90% of support tickets within 10 - 15 minutes, but like normal people, we sleep too :-)

While our official support policy is to answer all tickets within 24 hours on business days, you will usually get a response much sooner if we are available, but no longer than 24 hours on business days.

The screenshot of the our support performance report at the top of this page should give you an idea of how much support we deal with, so if you want your issue resolved quickly, please follow the guidlines below

To ensure your issue gets resolved quickly, make sure:

We understand you may be having an issue that is very frustrating to you, however, taking it out on support by being rude or making untoward comments will not help your cause and in extreme cases may even get you suspended. Support is there to help you, so treat them the same way you would when asking a friend for help.


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