Dear Marketer,

Since the dawn of the Internet, making money on-line has only ever brought success to a very select few. If you do not have a humongous list, a quality source of targeted traffic or personal relationships with some big name joint venture partners, you are almost certainly doomed to fail.  That is, until now...

Marcia Daley

I started getting $10 Payments

I just recently joined EasyCash4Ads. In less than 4 days I started getting $10 Payments to my

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Here is what we do

To get your membership with us today, you need only get a lifetime hosting account with us for a mere $9...Once-off. Then, once you've created your account, you buy ad space from your sponsor for $10 and never pay another cent again!

This is where it gets interesting. You now begin telling others about us using a special link that will let us know you referred that person. The first 2 people you refer are what we like to call: Qualifier sales - Why? Because your first 2 sales will join directly under your sponsor. After 2 sales you are now qualified and can start your own EasyCash4Ads legs

Once you are qualified, this is what will happen when you

refer just 1 single person

If you went through the illustration above, by now you would have grasped that your income will continue to double without any effort on your side. In fact, you never have to do anything ever again, yet your income will continue to grow. But . . . So will your ad views!! When someone joins one of your EasyCash4Ads legs, they will see your ad for 25 seconds. When they log in after they've been a member for two weeks, they will see a randomly selected member's ad. This unique feature of our system puts even more eyes on your offer!

If this 5 min video does not convince you indeed
you CAN make money on-line, Nothing will!

Richard Daigle
Owner of RichyRichMailer

Complete strangers I never referred started paying me.

After just one week in EasyCash4Ads, I have made over $300. Soon after I made my qualifier sales and started my first leg, complete strangers I never referred started paying me.

My website Ad is getting unlimited views and I feel so comfortable promoting this program due to this honest owner who provides some of the best member support I have ever seen.

This is the start of something Big that will be here for a long time providing everyone Unlimited Traffic and Unstoppable Income.

I highly recommend and endorse EasyCash4Ads!



What is the full cost of this program?
$19 - $9 to create your account and $10 to buy ad space from your sponsor

Is this a monthly fee?
Absolutely not. You only pay once and never again.

What if I don't know where or how to advertise my referral link?
We've got you covered there too. Inside your members area we provide you with tools to sell to complete strangers without ever talking to them. We provide you with tools nobody else use. Some of our more successful members even contributed reports with step-by-step instructions of their daily routines to get sign-ups with more of them contributing on a daily basis. However, with our sales video converting 65% plus of everyone who watches it on the spot, we doubt you will need a lot of help.

Can I really stop promoting after I have referred 1 person after I qualified.
Certainly! Your income will continue to grow from the 1 referral in your first leg without requiring any effort on your part, however, the more legs you start, the faster and bigger your ad views and income will grow.

Is EasyCash4Ads a global opportunity open to everyone?
Most certainly! you can become a member of this lucrative system, no matter where in the world you live

Do you need to have an ad to register?
No, placing an ad is optional. You can place it at any other time if you get one though

How will I be paid
We pay out directly to your bank account via a free account you can open at We have commission runs every two weeks.

What else is included in my membership?

Your one time fee of $19 gets you a new monthly Master Re-sell Rights product, re-packaged with a completely new sales page with professional ad-copy and high-quality graphics, similar to the quality you see on this page. Your Monthly product will include the sales page as in a Responsive design (Meaning it looks just as good on a mobile device as on your desktop) together with a responsive capture page if you want to use the product as an incentive to add subscribers to your list.


When you become a member of EasyCash4Ads you will get reports in both Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader (PDF) formats detailing the daily routines our most successful members follow to get sign-ups. This feature alone is priceless and worth way more than the sign-up fee. See exactly, step-by-step what top marketers do to get sign-ups as if they are standing beside you and telling you what to do. Use this information not only to get referrals for your EasyCash4Ads business, but any on-line endeavor. If you have been struggling to make money on-line, it is worth joining for this exclusive benefit alone!

The Twins
Darius & Dane Edwards

Orange County, California

What they have created is absolutely "Brilliant"!

My Business Partner, Dane Edwards, and I have been working offline/online for over 20 years and we seen it all and done it all. Over the past 20 years we have NEVER SEEN anything like the EasyCash4Ads System. What they have created is absolutely "Brilliant"! 

Many people are being blessed by the EasyCash4Ads Program. So, if you are looking for something that is real, legit, honest and it simply works, then I highly recommend that you join the EasyCash4Ads Program today." Darius Edwards



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